YANCO Lions Club

District 201N4, New South Wales, Australia

Yanco Members and our History


In response to a suggestion from Region 3,4,5 Extention Chairman Keith Farley a board of directors meeting of Leeton Lions Club decided to investigate the feasability of a Lions Club at Yanco, a township of 800 people 3 miles from Leeton. Within a few weeks 3rd VP Bob Piper of Leeton Lions had prepared a list of 25 interested men. A public meeting was held at the Yanco Allservicemens Club on January 29th 1977 with 50 poeple in attendance including 20 from Leeton Lions Club. The rest is history.

President.   Buster Ryan

Secretary Sue Ryan

Assistant Secretary. Helen Macarther

Webmaster Allan Stott

Treasurer Allan Stott

Assistant Treasurer.  Maureen Ridgewell

1st Vice President. Richard Binder

2nd Vice President Max Preston           

1 Year Director   Allan Stott

2 Year Director   Cheryl Parks    

Membership Chairperson  Helen Macarther

Membership committee Buster Ryan, Gae Stott

Bulletin Editor  Ron DeMartin

Publicity Officers Sue Parker

Tail Twister Buster Ryan.

Lion Tamer Buster Ryan and Max Preston

Youth of the Year

Youth Leadership 

Lions Health  Allan Stott

Lions Services Allan Stott

Disadvantaged Persons Helen Macarther

Cake Chairpersons    Gae Stott

Mints  Maureen Ridgewell

Safety Officers Richard Binder, Allan Stott, Sue and Buster Ryan

Public Officer: Allan Stott

Past President  Buster Ryan

Yanco Lions Bannerette is featured on a blue background representing peace. The map of australia has blue and orange representing the sunny climate surrounded by Ocean. The local area has Irrigation represented by the waterwheel and the stork for birdlife. The shields represent Riverina Beef, Yanco Public School, Murrumbidge college of Agriculture, the Yanco Agricultural highschool. Wineries and Rice growing.Yanco Lions bannerette features a map of Australia with the top part coloured orange to represent the amount of sunshine that the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area receives in a year. The botton part represents the source of our water from the Murrumbidgee river and the canal system and the water wheel as its control. The bird represents the stork and its many other bird species that inhabit the MIA. The first shield represents the Local Feedlot and Abbatoir  which its owners Swift call Riverina Beef. The second one represents the three schools in the Yanco. The Yanco Agricultural high school, The Yanco Agricultural Institute and Yanco Public school. The third shield represents the wine  and fruit industry and the fourth represents Rice Industry and the Rice Mill and packaging. The blue background is the blue skies of Australia.

Present Members

Past President,

Secretary, 3rd Vice President, Publicity and Safety Officer Sue 69556427 and Buster sueparker2009@hotmail.com

Treasurer, Public Officer, Assistant Secretary, Services and Health and Webmaster

 Allan Stott 69557790 and Gae allandstott@bigpond.com

1st Vice President, Membership committee Ron 69591116, 0428118845, and Maria rondemartin@yahoo.com.au

Assistant Treasurer   Allan Stott 0448534497 allandstott@bigpond.com

2nd Vice President Ron DeMartin 2069591116 rondemartin@yahoo.com

President,Tail Twister, Lion Tamer, Membership Committee and Safety Officer Buster, 69556427, 0458598533 and Sue


Past Presidents 

2017-2018 President Buster Ryan Secretary Sue Ryan Treasurer Allan Stott

2016-2017 President Buster Ryan Secretary Sue Parker Treasurer Allan Stott

2015-2016 President Buster Ryan                                                  Secretary     Sue Parker                                           Treasurer Allan Stott

2014-2015  President Ian Peacock/Ron Demartin Secretary Sue Parker, Treasurer Joanne Peacock/Allan Stott

2013-2014 Buster                                  Sue  Parker                                                                          Allan Stott

2012-2013 Herman Vandervegt                          Sue Parker                                  Allan Stott

2011-2012 Herman Vandervegt                      Sue Parker                            Joe Iannelli/Allan Stott

2010 2011 Michael Patrick (Buster) Ryan            Allan Stott                                               Joe Iannelli

2009 2010 Michael Patrick (Buster) Ryan            Allan Stott                                               Joe Iannelli

2008 2009 Maureen Lyons Smith                        Herman Vandervegt                                Jim Smith     

2007 2008 Herman Vandervegt                          Maureen Lyons                                       Jim Smith

2006 2007 Michael Patrick (Buster) Ryan            Allan Stott                                               Jim Smith

2005 2006 Michael Patrick (Buster) Ryan            Allan Stott                                               Stan Dawe

2004 2005 Karen Martin                                Allan Stott                                              Allan Stott                

2003 2004 Allan Stott                                          Karen Martin                                           Gae Stott

2002 2003 Michael Patrick(Buster) Ryan              Allan Stott                                               Gae Stott

2001 2002 Michael Patrick(Buster) Ryan              Allan Stott                                               Pat Rogers

2000 2001 Trish Mills                                           Allan Stott                                                Pat Rogers

1999 2000 Michael Patrick(Buster) Ryan              Bob Dalglish                                            Pat Rogers

1998 1999 Jack Egan

1997 1998 Michael Ryan

1996 1997 John Cameron

1995 1996 Laszlo Aberty

1994 1995 Jack Egan

1993 1994 Pat Rogers

1992 1993 Michael Ryan

1991 1992 Michael Ryan

1990 1991 Dennis Guildford

1989 1990 Jim Emerson

1988 1989 Peter Frazer

1987 1988 Bill Keefe

1986 1987 Ric Johnson

1985 1986 Vic Bourke

1984 1985 Bob Day 

1983 1984 Daryl Whateley

1982 1983 Garry Bell

1981 1982 Jim Emerson                  

1980 1981 Graeme Loiterton           Doug Saxon                                                Graham Mortimer

1979 1980 David Eurell                    Bob Piper                                                  Doug Lipscomb

1978 1979 Brian Smith                      Gary Marshdale                                Ken Robertson

1977 1978 Robert Piper Charter              Doug Lipcomb                        Cuth Richardson


Michael Patrick (Buster) Ryan.

Ron Demartin.

 Ron DeMartin Joined Lions 1st December 1974. Ronald Demartin was born in Griffith in 1940. His parents migrated to Australia from the Northern Italy town of Cavaso, Neltomba. His father came to Australia three years before his wife seeking work to pay for her trip to follow him. They drew a migrant settlers block of land from the government in the 1920s and moved to Goolgowi as pioneers to grow wheat on their selection. During the 1930 depression the government bought their land back and they moved to Griffith and started a market garden.

Ron began school at Bilbil and went on to high school at Griffith and also further extended his education by attending TAFE in Griffith. He completed a number of different courses at TAFE starting with an automotive course and moving on until he completed Agronomy and Horticultural course and finally completed a course in the metal trades.
Ron met the love of his life Maria at a cousins wedding function in Sydney and they corresponded for a time and then Ron went to see her and they were married in Baulkin Hills in Sydney. By the time Ron met Maria, his parents had sold their Griffith property and had moved to Yanco and with his new bride he needed to get his own place and decided that Narranderra was the cheapest place to rent and moved into rented accommodation there. By the time their two children Derrick and Melinda arrived, Ron and Maria were part of the community and saw no reason to move.
By chance, Ron bought an excavating machine in Sydney and was asked to dig a trench for a farmer’s irrigation pipes. This project was almost perfect and he was asked to do more work by a neighbor and so began his earth moving business.
Ron joined Lions in 1974 with the Lions Club of Narranderra and filled the Presidents office on two occasions and held all other positions except Treasurer and Secretary. He spent a lot of time on cabinet and filled the position of Zone chairman and deputy District Governor (Regional Chairman). Ron held the Cabinet Offices of Chairman of mints program three times and Youth of the Year Chairman for three years. Ron transferred to the Lions Club of Yanco in 1999 and became the Bulletin Editor to which he continues to hold. He was awarded with a Melvin Jones Fellowship in Narranderra.

Ken Robertson.